6 Ways Contractors and Builders Can Save Money on Job Sites

Contractors and builders know that time equals money. Time spent running back and forth to a store to return unneeded or incorrect building materials is time away from the job site. And unnecessary time spent keeping a site clean or tracking down errant tools means it’ll take longer to complete a project and get paid.

A variety of smart job-site practices can keep you from wasting materials and time. Here are a half-dozen that may help on your next project:

  1. Start by buying quality materials. You won’t waste time sifting through stacks of lumber looking for straight boards when you buy high-quality lumber from Spahn & Rose—and you can count on minimal waste of all kinds as well. All Spahn & Rose lumberyards constantly cull their inventory to remove inferior-quality boards. Spahn & Rose buys better lumber so contractors and builders can count on quality with every pallet purchased.
  2. Invest in tough, durable pro-grade tools. Professional-grade contractor tools will have higher-quality batteries, which means longer run time and less charge time. Lower-quality tools typically incorporate brushes in their motors, and with repeated use, those brushes will wear down and need to be replaced. Brushless tools, by contrast, can be used repeatedly every day for long periods without fear that they’ll wear out. More expensive pro-quality tools also have accessories such as bit holders and adjustable settings.
  3. Ensure accurate orders with Spahn & Rose’s estimating service. Spahn & Rose expert estimators will provide quick, accurate estimates that include detailed spreadsheets of materials and costs. Estimates can be made for agricultural buildings, decks, garages and sheds. Spahn & Rose’s estimating service is free to contractors and builders and can also be segmented into separate parts of the building process: Contractors can receive an estimate for just the roofing portion of a project, for example. Accurate estimates also help reduce the chance of ordering too much material.
  4. Use just-in-time building-material delivery to your job site. Coordinating a job site is a little like being an air-traffic controller: You have to manage the comings and goings of subcontractors and make sure you have the right building materials on site when the workers are ready to go. When you rely on Spahn & Rose job-site delivery, your materials will be there when you need them. Just-in-time delivery means you won’t have to worry about storing items on site or having to pay subcontractors for extra days before they’re needed.
  5. Know when to buy equipment and when to rent. One of the more important aspects of managing a job site is equipment procurement. To help figure out when to buy versus when to rent, a good gauge is to determine the cost per hour of use for renting and buying. You’ll need to do two calculations: First, divide the total rental cost by expected hours of use. Then divide the total ownership cost by the expected hours of use. Comparing the results of these two calculations will give you an idea about whether it’s better to rent or buy.
  6. Keep tools organized and secure. One of the biggest time-wasters on a job site is transporting tools to and from trucks. And should tools go missing from a site, you’ll have to pay replacement costs and lose money from the resultant downtime. A high-tech way to keep track of it all is the Milwaukee ONE-KEY line of tools. This cloud-based system helps contractors and builders streamline productivity and prevent loss, enabling you to easily track and manage tool inventory at multiple job sites from a central location or via phone through the ONE-KEY app. To make tool transportation from trucks to job sites quicker and easier, meanwhile, use the Milwaukee PACKOUT Modular Storage System, which organizes tools in easy-to-transport system of secure boxes and totes.