6 Reasons to Schedule Insulation Installation Now

You can’t do much about the weather. This summer, blistering Midwest heat has already sizzled Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. Inevitably, autumn will give way to cooler temperatures. The best way to protect your home while lowering your energy bills: insulation.

071723 SR SM July 23 Blog Insulation image 1Through Spahn & Rose preferred vendor partner Cameron Ashley, you’ll have many insulation choices, from fiberglass roll to mineral wool and fiberglass batt. Why should you add insulation? Because many older homes are inadequately insulated—and adding it to even a newer home can pay for itself in just a few years.

Here are six reasons why now is the perfect time to add insulation:

Unfinished areas promote leakage. Insulation in crawlspaces and unfinished basement ceilings and walls may not be present. Even if it’s there, it’s often less than optimal. Inadequate insulation in unfinished areas like these can be a problem in both summer heat and winter cold. By making sure crawlspaces are insulated, you can prevent plumbing from freezing and greatly reduce energy loss in HVAC ducts.

Insulate before the rush. The traditional wisdom regarding insulation installation is that fall and spring are the best times to schedule it. With contractor backlogs possible, scheduling sooner rather than later is a better idea. Not only does demand for contractor time increase during the fall, but demand for insulation products grows as well. Schedule now so you don’t sweat insulation’s availability.

Insulation increases home value. For those considering selling their home, insulation can instantly add value. While the boost depends on the size of the home and type of insulation, real estate experts estimate that insulation can increase a home’s value by 2 to 6 percent.

071723 SR SM July 23 Blog Insulation image 2

Better insulation is better for health. Insulation can help repel insects, and it’s a fire retardant as well. Recent innovations in insulation have led to greater use of recycled materials, too, which means you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Start saving early. Insulation that meets energy efficiency guidelines can save you as much as 20 percent on your utility bills each month, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Having your insulation installed well in advance of the colder months means you’ll save every day through the winter.

Temperatures more ideal for homeowner comfort. At the end of summer and beginning of fall, you’ll be less likely to notice the difference in temperature as your insulation is replaced. This timetable for adding insulation may also work well with the conclusion of other home improvement projects.

For more information about how our preferred vendor Cameron Ashley can help you save money on energy bills, visit your nearest Spahn & Rose location.