6 Reasons Spahn & Rose Is Your Superior Choice for Lumber

A meme recently circulated online that purported to identify an impossibly twisted stand of trees as the source of big-box stores’ lumber. Over the top, sure—but there’s definitely more than a grain of truth within those gnarled grains of wood. Spahn & Rose, by contrast, specializes in lumber, and our employees possess deep knowledge of everything we sell.

Before you start your next project, consider these six reasons why Spahn & Rose is the superior choice for lumber.

1. High Quality 

Spahn & Rose’s lumber buyers insist on only the highest-grade lumber—and when it arrives from the manufacturer, Spahn & Rose inspects every shipment to ensure quality.

2. Wide Selection 

Big-box stores may offer a basic assortment, but for the best selection of wood products, Spahn & Rose is your connection to a number of national manufacturers with a vast array of joists, beams, molding, trim and much more.

3. Better Pricing 

At Spahn & Rose, lumber is our business. Highly attuned to the marketplace, Spahn & Rose purchasers know the best times to buy different varieties of lumber to save our customers money.

4. Easy Custom Cutting 

Spahn & Rose makes it easy to order custom cuts for do-it-yourself projects or custom home builds. Spahn & Rose also offers cabinet design services and on-site estimating for contractors.

5. Protection from Elements 

At Spahn & Rose, you won’t get warped wood that’s been left out in the rain or picked over and scattered in the aisle of a big-box store. The best-quality lumber deserves protection from the elements.

6. Connections to Contractors 

You already know Spahn & Rose is the best place to buy lumber, but where do you turn if you’re looking to repair, renovate or build? Spahn & Rose offers our Find-a-Contractor service, featuring only professional, dependable contractors and builders.