Thousands of contractors across Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin have discovered that a Spahn & Rose in-house charge account makes buying building materials much easier. With a house account, you’ll spend less time doing paperwork and more time on the job site. Even better: Signing up takes only a few minutes.

Here are five ways a Spahn & Rose in-house charge account helps contractors buy easier and build better:

#1 – Personal attention. Other building-material suppliers may offer house accounts, but they’re often managed remotely, by companies that can be all the way across the country. With a Spahn & Rose in-house charge account, professional contractors can talk with local Spahn & Rose employees who are personally familiar with their account and order history. “Contractors with a Spahn & Rose in-house charge account have direct contact with someone who has boots on the ground near your job site,” says Brent Schneider, Spahn & Rose’s Vice President of Operations. “Contractors can pick up the phone and call us, knowing they’ll be talking to someone who knows about building materials and their account.”

#2 – Fast buying—really fast. With an in-house charge account, you’ll save time and money. Because there’s no paperwork or cash transaction, authorized contractors can pick up building materials at one of the 24 Spahn & Rose lumberyards or have them quickly delivered to their job site—free. “We pride ourselves on super-fast delivery in most cases,” Schneider says. “That means you don’t have to leave the job site. It’s quick and easy.”

#3 – Product expertise. The same Spahn & Rose representative who sells you building materials also manages your in-house account. Such in-depth product knowledge enables your Spahn & Rose rep to anticipate your needs and offer recommendations that fit your budget, timeline and quality expectations. If you need a construction estimator, Spahn & Rose representatives can also assist with commercial estimating and residential remodeling, renovations and homebuilding.

#4 – Flexibility. Construction and remodeling is a business with many moving parts and countless variables. Because customers change their minds, job circumstances change and projects’ scope sometimes alters, Spahn & Rose in-house account representatives can in some cases forego fees or offer term flexibility. “These kinds of arrangements aren’t something we do on a regular basis, but we’re able to work with contractors and understand their needs during a project,” Schneider says.

#5 – 24/7 account access. Spahn & Rose in-house accounts make being a professional contractor easier. Through the WebTrack app (available for iPhone and Android), contractors have 24/7 access to account activity, including payments, job balances, order status, invoices and delivery information. In addition, contractors can export invoices and credit notes to QuickBooks, review order history and download current and past statements.