5 Smart Tips to Paint Like a Pro

With several Spahn & Rose paint specials this month, perhaps you’ve been inspired to tackle that painting project you’ve been talking about since winter.

Where to start? The fun part of any paint project is selecting a color. With the Spahn & Rose Home Visualizer, you can see what your room or home’s exterior will look like with a new color. As for the slightly less fun aspects of painting, here are five tips that will help make the job look more professional, even when you do it yourself.


  1. Ready the Room, Cover Everything

Paint is an amazing substance. You might be surprised how much one dollop will spread if it splatters on an uncovered floor or piece of furniture. Buy plenty of drop cloths to be sure you can cover everything. Prepare your room by moving out as much as possible; scoot big pieces of furniture to the center of the room. Remove light-switch covers and cover doorknobs with plastic sandwich bags. Professional painters often don’t rely on painter’s tape, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, it’s time well spent to tape your edges.


  1. AdobeStock 327583699 Thoroughly Prep the Surface—Really Thoroughly

With a smooth, dust- and debris-free surface as your canvas, you’ll have much better and longer-lasting results. Sand away any loose, cracking or flaking old paint. Then clean the wall using two buckets: one filled with water and a mild cleaning solution, the other with just water, which you’ll use to clean the rag after each use. Finish your prep with a tack cloth to wipe off any residual dust.


  1. Upgrade to a Bucket from a Paint Can

Your Spahn & Rose paint expert can help you determine how much paint you need for your project. Then use a five-gallon bucket with a roller grid instead of pouring from a gallon can into a roller pan. The bucket holds more paint, is harder to tip over and will likely be less messy. Also, mixing all the paint in one batch can help ensure color consistency.


  1. Choose Quality Paintbrushes and Rollers

Sometimes equipment makes all the difference. If you wanted to be competitive at tennis, for example, you wouldn’t play with a wooden racket. Especially if you’re buying higher-end paint, you don’t want to leave streaks, runs and brush bristles on the wall. For oil-based paints, look for a natural-bristle brush. Higher-quality brushes and rollers also provide better coverage, saving you time.


  1. Paint from Top to Bottom

When it’s time to use a roller, paint from the ceiling to the floor. Going from the top down allows you to see—and paint over—any mistakes more easily. When rolling, let the roller do the work: Don’t press. Today’s high-quality paints will cover the wall without any additional pressure, and you’ll avoid drips and runs. An extension pole will make ceilings and other high spots a cinch to reach.


Contractors and Builders Can Paint Better with Spahn & Rose, Too

Spahn & Rose preferred vendor Benjamin Moore provides a full line of paint and paint sundries for professional contractors and builders. Buying paint from Spahn & Rose will save time and money, too: Contractors and builders with a Spahn & Rose account can get free delivery.