5 New Decking and Outdoor Living Trends Contractors Should Know About

From minor fix-ups to major additions, this past year saw homeowners putting money into their homes instead of spending it on vacations. This spring, that trend has continued. Among the most popular home improvements are adding a deck and making outdoor living spaces bigger, better and more comfortable overall. A recent National Kitchen & Bath Association membership survey found a 65 percent increase in outdoor living project interest.

“People are putting more money into their backyards,” says Eli Swift, General Manager of the Spahn & Rose Decorah, Iowa, location. “Working with local contractors, landscapers and builders, we’ve seen some trends emerge.”

Trex cocktail adapters 10 pack with fastenersSpahn & Rose offers decking from Trex and Fiberon, and our decking experts can assist contractors and homeowners with planning, measuring and deck installation. Our experts can also help you determine the best type of material for your deck, including treated wood, cedar, vinyl or composite decking. Spahn & Rose’s deck-design service offers a free estimate Deck design service as well as expertise on creating the best outdoor space to match any home.

Here, Swift shares some recent decking and outdoor living trends.

  1. Shouse Sweet Shouse

A combination of a shed and a house, a shouse is a mini-barn of sorts that can be used as additional storage, an at-home office, a workout studio, a gardening shack and much else. Some homeowners are even upgrading these structures to create an in-law housing unit. Included in Spahn & Rose house plan designs are a few varieties of shouses, and Spahn & Rose estimators can help calculate materials on building them for your customers.

  1. Sleek-Looking Cable Railings

Enthusiasm for the rustic look for decks and outdoor spaces may have peaked; Swift is increasingly seeing them designed with a more clean, contemporary look. One of the most common features of such designs is cable railings. Spahn & Rose offers a wide selection of hardware to make cable railings look distinctive.

  1. Hot Outdoor Cooking

Working with landscapers in the Decorah area, Swift has found that several homeowners have designed gas fireplaces and outdoor cooking areas into their patios. Just as family and friends gravitate to the kitchen during a party, these more elaborate outdoor living areas create a cozy space to socialize.

  1. Stylish, Blended Deck Colors

Homeowners are trending away from solid decking colors and instead opting for variegated hues, Swift says, with blended blacks and browns a popular choice. Finding such color options is easy with decking from Trex and Fibron, too.

  1. Cool, Functional Cocktail Rails

With a level surface extending inward from the railing, cocktail rails offer a multifunctional option for those building a new deck or just replacing old railings. In addition to drinks, these ledges could be home to potted plants or small vegetable or herb gardens.