5 Exterior Door Trends for Style and Security

The centerpiece to any home’s curb appeal is its front door. Whether you’re a new-home builder providing customers with exterior door options or a homeowner upgrading your house’s look, the front door is the place to start. Spahn & Rose’s front door experts can help you find the best one for your home.

A new front door boosts curb appeal, can add a pop of color and save energy by preventing drafts. In addition, a replacement entry door offers a roughly 64 percent return on investment. If a homeowner is considering selling soon, a new exterior door will attract buyers—and is a sound investment, too.

SR SM July 22 Door Trends Mid AmToday there are more options than ever for front doors. Here are five growing trends to keep an eye on:

Enhanced Security Features

As a house’s main entry, front doors have also become a focal point of home security. About a third of burglars use the front door when breaking into a home, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Homeowners are adding security to their checklists when shopping for exterior front doors. Such features are available on Mid-Am Next Edge Doors, which are reinforced with DoorGuard metal plate jamb and Trilennium multi-point locks to add strength and security.

Pre-finish Colors

To make that door stand out, using factory-applied finishing ensures a consistently uniform, professional look. Mid-Am Next Edge fiberglass doors come in a vast array of colors. In addition, woodgrain finish provides the appearance of wood but the longevity and toughness of fiberglass. Also, as part of the Mid-Am pre-finish process, a UV-resistant clear coat can be applied for additional protection. A bonus to exterior doors with pre-finished color: They can be hung and used immediately. No waiting for paint or stain to dry.

Black Accents on Exterior Doors

Black accents, such as black exterior door frames, are growing in popularity, according to the National Association of Realtors. Classic shiny and matte black accents are being rediscovered by homeowners and buyers. Black doors and accents have the additional advantage of being able to match with just about any other color, including on the stone, brick or clapboard of a home. Black doors and accents go with just about any home style, too, from Victorian to midcentury modern. Zillow notes that black doors and accents may also make a home more valuable.

Oversized Front Doors

Custom doors, such as higher or wider exterior doors, provide a distinctive look. Wide doors in particular are stylish and functional; their greater opening space is handy for moving large objects or furniture in and out. Beyond wood, materials such as fiberglass allow for different door sizes while still being light and secure.

Multiple Glass Options

The type and shape of the glass in an exterior door can add a touch of individual style. For example, rectangular or semicircular front door glass can add light to a home. When new-home builders or homeowners want a distinctive look, Mid-Am Next Edge doors are an excellent choice, offering multiple glass options including grid, decorative, textured and clear.