4 Reasons Contractors, Builders Rely on Rollex Siding

Siding is a home’s armor. As the years go by, weather, pests and decay do battle with a home’s exterior, but the strong protection Rollex siding provides lasts decades. Even better, Rollex siding is American-made in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Every Rollex product is fabricated and warehoused in its Illinois facility.

Contractors and builders have come to rely on Rollex’s quality, durability and versatility. Here are four reasons why.

Easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. All Rollex siding—including vinyl, steel and aluminum siding—is designed to need only an occasional cleaning, often with just a garden hose to remove any loose surface dirt. Rollex metal siding has a baked-on coating that resists dirt and provides a clean, long-lasting finish. Rollex Horizon vinyl siding may only need cleaning with mild detergent and water to maintain its fresh look.

SR SM Nov 22 Blog Rollex Siding Steel SidingBetter for the environment. Rollex designs its products to reduce waste and conserve energy, and its siding can be recycled several times. An environmentally conscious company, Rollex has sought to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing materials from fewer than 500 miles away to conserve transportation energy. It recycles factory oil and wastewater, uses pallets made with reclaimed lumber and recycles hundreds of thousands of pounds of aluminum and steel scrap. Because Rollex siding is low-maintenance, meanwhile, there’s no need for chemical or paint upkeep.

Functionally beautiful fascia, soffit and trim options to match siding. Complementing its many siding choices, Rollex also has a complete line of fascia, soffit and trim options that not only look good but keep homes protected from the elements and well ventilated. One high-tech product is the System 3 soffit panels that help circulate hot air out of an attic in the summer and move moisture out in the winter months. The ideal vent to promote continuous airflow, System 3 soffits can control ventilation by alternating solid and vented panels. Rollex aluminum soffits are also protected by the company’s proprietary baked-on coating that is guaranteed not to crack, peel, blister or flake. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty, System 3 soffit panels are also low-maintenance. Another Rollex product builders often incorporate in projects is the overhanding drip edge, which is installed under the shingles at the roofline and helps ensure that water runs off a roof’s edge into the gutters.

Real-deal steel siding boosts curb appeal, performs even better. Combining high-tech steel and silicone modified polyester (SMP) coating, Rollex’s Aurora metal siding has solar reflective properties to help a home be more energy-efficient. The rich embossed wood-grain pattern of Aurora steel siding is nearly maintenance-free and guaranteed not to rust, peel or crack. It can be cleaned with water and will stand up to damaging UV light, weather and humidity.