Buying cabinets at a big-box store is like trying to pick between the last two kids for a dodgeball team: Just point at one and hope it all works out.

When you work with a Spahn & Rose cabinet design expert, though, you control every detail of the buying process, including how much you spend.

“At Spahn & Rose, you’re not forced to pick A or B, but rather choose your option and make modifications as needed—all within your budget,” says Jesse Pagel, a cabinet designer at Spahn & Rose’s Waverly, Iowa, location.

Below are a dozen reasons why Spahn & Rose is your choice for affordable cabinetry. When you’re ready to make your dream kitchen a reality, schedule a consultation with a Spahn & Rose cabinet designer.

Attention to detail. Compare a cabinet drawing from a big-box store to a design from Spahn & Rose and you’ll see how much more attention to detail you’ll receive from an expert cabinet designer. “We will work with you on every little detail,” says Maria Burgmeier, a cabinet designer at Spahn & Rose in Dubuque. “It’s all about detail, and that’s what Spahn & Rose specializes in. You’re not going to get that kind of service at Lowe’s or Menards.”

Budget-setting advice. Especially if you’re remodeling or building a house for the first time, you may not have any sense of what kind of budget to set for cabinetry. At a big-box store, the staff won’t help you define it. But at Spahn & Rose, expert cabinet designers can guide you through the entire process: budgeting, cabinet selection and installation.

Multiple cabinet lines. Spahn & Rose offers a variety of cabinet lines in all price ranges. Once you know which cabinet style you’re looking for, Spahn & Rose designers have many options to determine which line will work best within your budget.

Want/need checklist. When price is a concern—and when isn’t it?—a Spahn & Rose cabinet designer can review your cabinet wants and needs to figure out which features are necessary to achieve your desired functionality and style while staying within your price range.

Accurate measurements. At a big box, the customer is solely responsible for this. When you work with Spahn & Rose, a cabinet design expert visits your home to take measurements and will meet with you multiple times to review the design and make any changes you request. Having to reorder cabinets after an inaccurate measurement is an expense and aggravation you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Upgradable design. In addition to the current cabinet remodel or renovation, Spahn & Rose designers can help you plan for updates or additions. For example, you can add crown molding later to keep your initial cost lower. Or you might want to opt for laminate countertops at first, then upgrade to stone later. Roll trays can be added down the road too, as can custom pull-outs, door spice racks, tray dividers and pot-and-pan caddies.

Workflow analysis. Spahn & Rose cabinet designers will help you save money without sacrificing aesthetics. For example, says Dawn Tiesman, cabinet designer at the DeWitt, Iowa, location, she might add cabinet features in the highest-traffic areas of a kitchen to increase efficiency—but save money by using more basic cabinets in areas that aren’t used as much.

Creative, money-saving solutions. Spahn & Rose cabinet designers’ vast experience enables them to incorporate design elements that look beautiful yet don’t break your budget—open shelving with finished interiors that can be equipped with decorative baskets, for instance. Using cabinets of different depths and staggering uppers, meanwhile, can boost the look of a kitchen more than the typical straight 30-inch uppers.

Several wood options. Wood species plays an important role in cabinets’ price. Currently, oak and maple are more economical choices than hickory, alder or cherry. But Spahn & Rose cabinet designers can help you get the look of higher-end wood with richly hued stains.

Door, shelf, feature evaluations. Cabinets with doors and shelves are the most economical option, but don’t settle for a cabinet with a useless design. Spahn & Rose designers evaluate how you use your kitchen and assess the workflow of your space. They’ll then determine whether a door with shelves, door with roll-out tray or cabinet with drawer storage is best for you. This analysis will also increase efficiency and usability and decrease the chance of damage—extending your cabinets’ life and saving you money in the long run.

Affordable customization. Designing cabinets for your space to your precise specifications can be no more expensive than buying off-the shelf cabinets at a big-box store, thanks to Spahn & Rose’s deep access to multiple cabinet companies. Because Spahn & Rose cabinets aren’t prebuilt boxes, construction and accessories can be easily adjusted with each cabinet.

Many door styles. Door style is usually one of the first things Jesse Pagel looks at when a customer wants to save money. Many cabinet manufacturers offer door styles at various price tiers. Spahn & Rose cabinet designers can show you door styles that are similar—but lower-cost. “Many times just changing the door style is enough to get within a customer’s budget, and we’re able to find the same style too,” she says.