Professional contractors demand a lot from their tools. They have to be tough enough for everyday use, accurate (to guard against costly errors) and durable enough to save money over the long haul. As a Do It Best retailer, Spahn & Rose offers a complete line of products just like you’d find in any hardware store. But Spahn & Rose locations cater to contractors, stocking specific brands and models built contractor-tough.

Here are 10 tools every contractor needs that Spahn & Rose offers every day of the week:

1. Milwaukee Heated Jacket 

Stay warm on frosty Midwest mornings with the Milwaukee M12 heated jacket. It won’t inhibit movement, leaving you toasty yet able to work and move around the job site like it was a spring day. With advanced fabric-layering technology, the jacket distributes heat across the body in two zones, which can be adjusted independently. The jacket provides up to six hours of continuous heat per charge and includes a built-in USB port to charge other devices.

2. STABILA Level 

Durable, with hair-splitting accuracy, STABILA levels are an essential for professional contractors. The high-strength aluminum frame is tough enough for years of work on the most demanding job sites. The bright, easy-to-read vials are made of block acrylic glass and firmly epoxy-locked into the frame. STABILA levels are available in nine sizes from 16 to 96 inches long.

3. Milwaukee TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker 

No more misplaced or missing tools with Milwaukee’s TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker. Professional contractors can glue, screw, rivet or strap the Bluetooth-tracker TICK onto any kind of equipment. Water-, weather- and dust-resistant, TICK provides location updates within 100 feet of any phone equipped with the companion Milwaukee ONE-KEY app.

4. Werner Ladder 

Designed for durability and safety, Werner ladders also have features professional contractors especially appreciate, such as multifunctional tops on stepladders and D-shaped rungs on extension ladders to increase efficiency. Werner also offers a full line of plants, scaffolding, stages and specialty ladders from 2 to 60 feet.

5. Stiletto Framing Hammer 

Drive nails with the authority of a steel hammer but with less strain on your arm. The Stiletto lightweight titanium head weighs 45 percent less than a steel hammer’s, with 10 times less recoil shock. Professional contractors value the Stiletto Framing Hammer’s magnetic nail starter for one-handed nail starts and overhead work.

6. GRK Star Drive Bits 

Speed up installation with GRK Star Drive Bits. With six points of contact, GRK Star Drive Bits and Star Drive Head Screws help eliminate stripping, saving contractors time and frustration. Most bits are available in 2- and 3-inch lengths.

7. Bostitch 3-Tool Nailer & Compressor Combo Kit 

For the professional contractor, the Bostitch 3-Tool Nailer & Compressor Combo Kit addresses just about all of your fastener needs. The kit includes a 6-gallon compressor, 16-gauge 2 1/2-inch straight-finish nailer, 18-gauge 2-inch brad nailer and heavy-duty 3/8-inch crown stapler. The compressor starts easily in cold weather and operates quietly with an oil-free, maintenance-free pump.

8. Marshalltown Drywall Hand Tools 

Professional contractors who drywall for a living need sturdy tools with handles that reduce fatigue, such as Marshalltown drywall hand tools: a hand sander, tempered blue-steel drywall blade and trowel. Marshalltown drywall tools are designed with the professional in mind—the trowel’s exclusive Diamond Shank design, for example, keeps the handle from twisting during heavy use.

9. Milwaukee M12 Lithium-Ion Drill & Impact Cordless Tool Combo Kit 

This kit includes an M12 3/8-inch drill driver, ¼-inch hex impact driver, REDLITHIUM battery and lithium-ion battery charger all in an easy-to-carry contractor bag. The cordless drill and driver are lightweight, offer long battery life and have ergonomic handles. The compact design enables you to reach tight spaces, and these cordless tools have all the power professional contractors demand.

10. Stanley 40-Foot FATMAX Tape Measure 

With a 1 ¼-inch-wide blade, this Stanley FATMAX Tape Measure has 11 feet of blade standout for easier, quicker measuring. For added durability, the first three inches are protected by Stanley’s BladeArmor, and heavy-duty mylar coats the whole measure. The tape measure’s cushion grip is built into its case for nonslip use. A multifunctional hook enables measuring from the side, top or bottom.