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Spahn & Rose has 24 locations spanning Iowa, Illinois & Wisconsin. The majority of marketing & press decisions are made at our Corporate Office Marketing Department. If you have any questions about marketing opportunities or need permission for logo use, contact us directly at 563-582-3606 ex. 308 or at

Below are our logos provided in .jpg & .pdf formats in both regular and reverse.

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Press   .jpg   |   .pdf

About Us

Spahn & Rose Lumber Co. was organized in 1904 as a retail lumber company with the express goal of providing knowledgeable staff, excellent service & a superior-quality product mix. Since 1904, the same core values hold true. We are dedicated to providing the resources that hit the nail on the head for your home-building & improvement projects. We are the best of the best!

Our Mission is

Building relationships and communities with dedication to excellence since 1904.

Our Vision is

Helping our customers turn their dreams into reality